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Welcome to Mission Sports, a company that has been set up with a mission to deliver international and professional sports and events that are attractive for children, with today’s FRC program to help shape every child’s future.

The ‘Fitness Report card’ program is an international sports and fitness program customized to the needs of Indian students. The ‘Fitness Report card’ program is India’s best sports and fitness program.


A specific and well-planned practice, training, competition and recovery regime will ensure optimum development throughout an athlete’s career. Ultimately, sustained success comes from training and performing well over the long-term rather than winning in the short-term. There is no short-cut to success in athletic preparation. Overemphasizing competition in the early phases of training will always cause shortcomings in athletic abilities later in an athlete’s career.


  • 1:- Fitness Report Card Curriculum with 50 PT class Modules for each age group, between KG and 12th STD, including Sports Sciences Theory and Training Videos for all sports.
  • 2:- Complete Sports Curriculum for Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Tennis and Volleyball.Including Aerobics and Yoga will be delivered.
  • 3:- Physiological & Nutrition tests Report Card for each school students
  • 4:- Video – based Performance Analysis report card DVD for all school teams
  • 5:- Fit – Kid Program for KG - 3
  • 6:- Age appropriate Fitness and Sports training programs
  • 7:- Equipments for all sports with international quality

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